Varanasi is one of the world’s oldest cities, supported by Lord Shiva himself and a large sacred website for pilgrims of the Hindu faith. The city is the center of the cultural revival during the regime of Mughal Emperor Akbar.

It is one of the craziest places you’ll ever have the pleasure of visiting. It’ll pull you into its whirlwind, spin you around, spit you out and you’ll surprise what the hell happened. It’s one hell of a ride you won’t regret and it will leave its mark on you forever.

Beautifully placed by the roaring and remorseless Ganges River river, or mother Ganga to Indians, you will actually immerse yourself into a world of Ghats, Temples, Sadhus, and more.
For Reaching Varanasi by Train: Varanasi Cantt highway and Banaras railway Station are some of the railway stations serving Varanasi.

We all know that trains and flight facilities are available.It is easily accessible by flight from Delhi. Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport (BNS) is an international airport connecting Varanasi to the rest of the countries of South Asia. If you are traveling in India for the first time you need to carry a passport.

Can we get a passport in 10 days?

  • The answer is Yes, If you’ve got an urgent want, for the tour and you require a passport within 10 days, you can follow up and apply for a Tatkaal passport in case you meet the requirements. The Passport Seva internet site is where you could discover all of the data and information if making use of a Tatkaal passport.
  • Visit PSK for verification, on the day of your appointment, confirm to hold all your original supporting documents together with 2 photocopies of each. If your documents don’t seem to be so or one thing is needed and you’ll have to be compelled to visit the PSK again, you’ll do so on a ‘walk-in’ basis within three operating days from the time and date of your appointment.
  • Police Verification Process, After submitting all of your documents to the PSK, you’ll be subjected to a police verification wherever they’re going to validate a number of the knowledge you mentioned on the form. For this, the police will visit the address mentioned on your application form.

Documents that are required for the passport

  • Proof of the Present Address
  • Date of birth Certificate
  • Proof for any one of the Non-ECR categories

Apply for an online passport in Varanasi

  • One can visit the passport seva Kendra for help or can visit their website. Reach the below contact for queries on new passport applications, passport status, appointment availability, renewal or delivery of passport in the workplace.
  • Therefore one can get a passport at the passport office in Varanasi or they can apply online at
  • Here is the Address of the Seva Kendra – Satyam Apartment, Arazil Settlement No.136 ,B 38/67, Opposite Mahmoorganj Police Chowki, Mauza Tulsipur, Mahmoorganj, Varanasi – 212011

Passport consultant in Varanasi

  • Sahayata – It provides consultancy services for Passport of all kinds of Passport re-issue, Fresh passport applications, Damaged and Lost Passport. Here is the link of the Consultancy passport website details – , they help you to apply for a fresh or reissuing passport renewal process therefore they, also provide tatkal service.

Hospes India – They provide Passport consultancy for all kinds of passport-related queries